Imagine the power to analyze, detect, trace or map
electromagnetic fields and waves in real time, anywhere!

EMAG Technologies Inc. develops and markets innovative software and hardware solutions for analysis, characterization and diagnosis of radio frequency (RF) and wireless systems and devices. Our integrated simulation software tools and non-invasive field measurement instruments together provide designers and test & evaluation engineers with unprecedented new insight into the inner workings and hidden complexities of high frequency devices and sensors, RF systems and massive wireless networks.

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5G Wireless & IoT

Use our simulation tools to perform ultra-fast 3D physics-based analysis of radio wave propagation in high multipath environments. Perform polarimetric channel characterization for evaluation and optimization of MIMO systems and massive networks of wireless nodes and unattended sensors.

RF Devices & Sensors

Use our tools and instruments for time and frequency domain simulation, design, test and measurement of passive and active microwave and millimeter wave devices, circuits and antennas in isolation or as part of larger RF systems. Use high resolution ultra-near-field maps for device diagnostics.

Defense & Aerospace

Use our simulation tools to compute radar signature of complex targets or quantify co-site interference effects in tactical communications systems. Use our measurement instruments for testing and diagnosis of active phased arrays and high-power microwave (HPM) systems.

Smart Vehicles

Use our simulation tools for prediction and optimization of performance of vehicle-installed antennas, automotive radar and data links in intelligent transportation systems. Use our field measurement systems for EMC/EMI testing of electric vehicles and sensor interference diagnosis.

Health & Biomedical

Use our software tools for computer simulation of interaction of electromagnetic fields and waves with biological systems, dispersive materials and voxel-based human models. Use our instruments to evaluate the performance of wireless sensors in saline solutions and biological environments.