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Simplifying Circuit & System Analysis & Design

RF.Spice A/D™ is a powerful visual simulation environment for analysis and design of analog, digital, RF and mixed-signal circuits and systems. Rather than verifying your circuit designs after the fact using real physical components with expensive laboratory test equipment, RF.Spice A/D allows you to perform accurate and realistic simulations of your circuits without clipping wires or splashing solder. With RF.Spice A/D, creating, modifying and simulating electronic circuits and systems is a quick, easy, even enjoyable, process.

The foundation of RF.Spice A/D has been built upon Berkeley Spice 3F5 and Georgia Tech XSpice simulation engines. The analog and digital circuit solvers have been integrated with an extensive library of RF devices, S-parameter-based multiport networks and a large variety of generic and physical transmission line types and transmission line discontinuity models. Featuring more than 25,000 preloaded devices, the parts database of RF.Spice A/D can easily be expanded by importing an unlimited number of external Netlist models or packaging user’s existing circuits as parameterized subcircuit models.

RF.Spice A/D provides a large collection of functional and behavioral macormodels for waveform generation, analog and digital signal processing, spectral processing and various modulation schemes. You can use these so-called black-box virtual blocks to perform effective system-level simulations without having to deal with the internal details of individual subsystems.

Due to popular demand, EMAG Technologies Inc. continues to offer a “Lite” version of RF.Spice A/D under the product name B2.Spice A/D, which was originally acquired from Beige Bag Software Inc. The “Lite” version does not include the RF and system simulation capabilities of the “Pro” version.

A Complete Circuit Simulation Environment

RF.Spice A/D is made up of a number of integrated components and utilities that make circuit simulation a simple and easy task:

  • Intuitive mouse-based, point-and-click schematic editor
  • Expandable parts database with more than 25,000 preloaded analog, digital and RF devices
  • Powerful device manager with an integrated symbol editor that allows you to import external text-based model files or build Netlist-based parameterized subcircuit models from the ground up
  • Expanded SPICE simulation engine comprising SPICE 3F5 and XSPICE solvers, and event-driven digital simulation and RF network analysis capabilities
  • Extensive graphing utilities including live simulation data update on virtual instruments, interactively cross-probing and live digital timing diagrams

RF.Spice A/D Features at a Glance

Schematic Editor

  • Streamlined user interface with intuitive toolbars, menus and a convenient side panel
  • Tabbed workspace to keep a project’s documents all in one window
  • 25,000 digital, analog and RF parts including hundreds of realistic behavioral models for resistors, inductors and capacitors
  • New Parts Browser with customizable Parts Palette
  • Quick and easy schematic entry using a large set of keyboard shortcuts for generic parts and a versatile wiring tool
  • “Live Circuit Parameters” that can be altered during a simulation. Results are displayed on virtual instruments or on the schematic via circuit animation.
  • Digital buses allow you to group a set of wires together into a single bus to keeps large circuits compact and easy to edit and debug
  • One-click generation of Netlist file from any schematic
  • Circuit Wizard to step you through the creation of most commonly used circuit configurations

Analog, Digital, RF & Mixed-Mode SPICE Simulators

  • Featuring Berkeley Spice 3F5 and Georgia Tech XSpice simulation engines
  • Extension of standard SPICE transmission line models to generic and physical T-Line devices for RF analysis
  • New multiport capability with S-parameter models as functions of frequency
  • Continuous (perpetual) transient simulation allows you to vary live circuit parameters while the simulation is running
  • Virtual instruments: oscilloscope, function generator, ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, distortion meter, and more, to be used during a live continuous simulation
  • Many powerful analysis types (known as Tests): transient, dc bias, ac sweep, sensitivity analysis, distortion, noise, network analysis, etc.
  • Multiple level tests: Multivariable sweeps or Monte Carlo sweeps for all test types
  • A large variety of sources and excitation waveforms, including sine, square and triangle waves, single-tone modulated signals, nonlinear dependent sources and arbitrary waveforms defined through mathematical expressions
  • A large number of “black box” blocks performing signal processing and conditioning functions such as gain block, summer, multiplier, divider, differentiator, integrator, limiter, etc.
  • Curve tracer circuits to examine the behavior of an active device before you place it in your circuit
  • Event-driven digital simulation: manual stepping, walk and continuous clocking
  • Accurate simulation of the propagation delays and setup and hold times for each device according to the specifications in logic data books
  • Customizable device properties: You can modify propagation delays and other characteristics of devices in your circuit and of the models of devices in the libraries.

Parts Database & Device Manager

  • A large selection of active device models (diode, BJTs, FETs, MOSFETs, MESFETS, operational amplifiers, etc.) with no less than six distinct MOSFET models including BSIM3 and BSIM4
  • One-ports, two-ports, three-ports, four-ports, complex impedance, and other S-parameter-based devices
  • Import high frequency models of capacitors, inductors, diodes, BJTs, JFETs, MOSFETs, MESFETs, from simple text files
  • 19 types of physical transmission line models including microstrip, stripline, coplanar waveguide, coaxial lines, etc.
  • A large variety of RF generic components such as Wilkinson power divider, branchline and rat-race hybrid couples, etc. as well as physical line discontinuities
  • 130 virtual blocks representing black-box system behaviors
  • Powerful Device Manager with integrated Symbol Editor
  • Unlimited user-defined parameterized subcircuit models
  • Create a part from any circuit and package it as a reusable database device
  • Import and manage external parts libraries

Data Visualization

  • Extensive graphing utilities with complete control over all aspects of the graph
  • Real and complex data plots (Mag/Phase or Re/Im) and Smith chart
  • Live digital timing diagrams during live digital circuit simulations
  • Cross probing interactively updates the graph as you add or move the probes around the circuit.
  • Simulation data update on virtual instruments or via circuit animation on the schematic during live in response to live circuit parameter variations
  • Circuit visualization/animation displays the actual current flow through a circuit and relative voltage relationships by varying the wires’ display color.

System Requirements

  • An Intel Pentium P5 or later processor
  • 4GB RAM minimum
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system or higher

What can I solve with RF.Spice A/D?

Using RF.Spice A/D you can:

  • Analyze passive and active analog circuits involving RLC elements, diodes, transistors, operational amplifiers, integrated circuits, power devices, transformers, etc. either in real time or in frequency domain.
  • Analyze digital circuits made of logic gates, flip flops, complex digital devices, etc. and probe them using live timing diagrams.
  • Simulate RF circuits consisting of transmission line components, S-parameter-based multiport devices, distributed passive circuits, etc. and perform a network analysis on the Smith chart.
  • Combine analog, digital and RF devices in mixed-signal circuits and perform mixed-mode simulations using A/D and D/A bridges.
  • Build complex systems using a large collection of black-box virtual blocks and perform system-level simulations.
  • Develop behavioral macromodels of devices, circuits and subsystems, create your own new symbols for them and turn them into new custom parts or blocks and add them to your parts database or share them with others.

Can I use RF.Spice A/D and EM.Cube together?

EM.Cube has been cross-linked with RF.Spice A/D:

  • Three of EM.Cube Modules, EM.Tempo, EM.Picasso and EM.Libera, generate S-parameter data files that are fully compatible with RF.Spice A/D. You can build new RF devices using these text files and add them to your parts database with generic symbols or your own custom symbols.
  • Spice A/D offers a large number of transmission line calculators and designers that can be directly accessed from EM.Cube.
  • The SPICE simulation engine of RF.Spice A/D has been integrated within EM.Cube’s FDTD simulation engine (EM.Tempo). Now you can run self-consistent electromagnetic and circuit co-simulations in EM.Cube.
  • You can design, analyze and verify a circuit in RF.Spice A/D and then import its Netlist description to EM.Tempo for EN-circuit co-simulation.

A Brief History of RF.Spice A/D

RF.Spice A/D is the outcome of evolution of EMAG’s older EDA tool, B2.Spice A/D, which was originally developed and introduced to the market by Beige Bag Software Inc. in mid 90s. For nearly two decades, B2.Spice has been productively used by thousands of electronic engineers, system designers, students, hobbyists, government agencies, etc. across the globe. RF.Spice A/D has been built upon the solid and age-tested foundation of B2.Spice A/D with an emphasis on maintaining its versatility and ease of use. RF.Spice A/D continues to offer the schematic, simulation and data visualization tools and utilities of the older product including its extensive parts database, its powerful device editor and all the analog, digital and mixed-mode analysis capabilities. To these we have added a large variety of transmission line models, multiport RF devices, a greatly expanded network analysis capability and a large library of system-level “black-box” virtual blocks.

Building on a Two-Decade-Old Legacy

RF.Spice A/D continues to provide the same convenience and versatility of B2.Spice A/D, which has been used by thousands of users since late 90s. Join the large community of B2.Spice A/D users around the globe today and enjoy the most intuitive circuit simulation and design tools at a fraction of the cost you would typically expect for this variety of features and capabilities!

Some of the B2.Spice A/D users include companies like Motorola, 3M, Lucent Technologies, National Semiconductor Corp., Lockheed Martin, Bosch, Unisys, Honeywell, Whirlpool, etc., academic institutions like Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California (Berkeley, San Diego, Davis), Duke University, Cornell University, Brown University, University of Texas, Austin, Texas A & M University, University of Illinois, Ohio State University, etc., government agencies and federal laboratories like NASA, JPL, Naval Research Lab, Los Alamos National Lab, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Sandia National Lab, Fermi National Accelerator Lab, etc.

Affordable Circuit Simulation Software for Everyone!

RF.Spice A/D is the most affordable RF circuit simulation tool in the market. In order to keep the price of the software product low, EMAG Technologies Inc. does not offer a software maintenance contract for RF.Spice A/D. Instead, we offer affordable upgrade offers to the current users for a limited time after every major new release of the product. Incremental releases or bug fixes will be provided to the current users free of charge.

Due to popular demand, EMAG continues to market and distribute B2.Spice A/D as the “Lite Edition” of RF.Spice A/D. The scope of B2.Spice A/D is limited to analog and digital simulations and does not include transmission lines, multiport networks, RF devices, and a large collection of system-level virtual blocks.

EMAG offers special academic discounts for educational use of its products as well as multi-pack license discounts. Please contact us for more information about these programs.

Our Price Assurance Pledge

In today’s crowded market, a large number of simulation software products are offered from amateur freeware to overpriced packages that cost a fortune. EMAG Technologies Inc. prides itself in offering the best price-performance combination. Our products are so affordable that anyone can access and use them, whether a large commercial enterprise, or a startup business or a small technical college. We pledge to offer the best value for your budget. EMAG Technologies Inc. guarantees to beat any competitive offer! So you can use RF.Spice A/D with absolute confidence in your investment.