Product Overview:

NeoScan® is a turnkey electric field measurement system. NeoScan systems utilize EMAG's unique, patented, electro-optic (EO) field probe technology. Unlike conventional near-field scanning systems that rely on fairly large metallic radiators to pick up the fields, NeoScan probes are made of absolutely non-metallic parts with an extremely small footprint. As a result, they allow you to measure the fields of a device under test in the ultimate non-invasive manner. Because of their optical nature, NeoScan probes provide an ultra-wideband measurement capability and very high spatial resolution levels.

You can use the NeoScan system to detect or monitor electric fields over time at fixed points around your circuit or device. Since NeoScan probes are non-contact and virtually exhibit an infinite impedance, they can be effectively used for tracking transient waveforms in real time. When the probe is mounted on a translation stage, NeoScan can also provide detailed field maps of passive and active devices and circuits including RFICs and MMICs. Such insightful information can be used for design validation, model verification, fault isolation or performance evaluation of various parts of your RF system.

NeoScan measures the amplitude and phase of the electric field simultaneously. Using both tangential and normal EO probes, all the three vectorial field components can be measured accurately with a good level of polarization discrimination. In a near-field scanning configuration, NeoScan can produce coherent, polarimetric, aperture-level field distribution maps with minimal invasiveness to the antenna under test. From these maps, NeoScan estimates the far-field radiation pattern of the antenna under test without requiring an expansive and costly anechoic chamber installation.


A Unique RF Test & Evaluation Capability

NeoScan Optical Mainframe System.

Some of the key features of NeoScan field measurement systems include:

  • Non-intrusive and non-contact RF measurement featuring a small footprint and absence of any metal parts or interconnnects at the signal pickup area
  • Broad instantaneous measurement bandwidth (>20GHz) using the same optical probes
  • High spatial resolution driven by the laser beam spot size (finer than 100 μm sq)
  • Simultaneous amplitude and phase measurement
  • Vectorial field measurement with very high cross-polarization suppression
  • Very wide dynamic range (>70dB) from very low field intensities under 1V/m to extremely high field intensities above 2MV/m

Solving Challenging RF Test & Characterization Problems Through Innovation

At EMAG Technologies Inc. we offer a wide range of RF field probes, detection sensors and near field scanning systems for direct measurement of electric and magnetic fields. Our products feature the state-of-the-art electro-optic and magneto-optic field sampling technologies and methodologies. Our turnkey NeoScan systems provide complete measurement solutions including the optical mainframes and probes, the supporting electronics, precision translation stages, control software, and post-processing tools for measured field data. Our systems can be customized to meet your particular measurement needs with regard to sensitivity, spatial resolution, instantaneous bandwidth, test medium, ruggedized packaging requirements, etc. Please contact us to discuss your measurement requirements. Our engineers will recommend a system configuration that will best suit your measurement needs and budget.