EM.Cube 2016 Release Announcement

EMAG Technologies Inc. proudly announces the new 2016 release of its flagship software product EM.Cube. EM.Cube Pro integrates several simulation engines within a single unified environment, all sharing a common, versatile 3D CAD modeler and extensive data visualization and model generation tools.

Some of the new features of EM.Cube R16 Pro include:

  • Python command line and full-scale Python scripting capability
  • User defined Python functions and models
  • More than 150 native Python commands for parameterized CAD modeling, simulation setup and simulation flow control
  • More than 60 wizards for quick creation of transmission lines, antennas and propagation scenes
  • New parameterized Curve Generator, Surface Generator and Fractal Generator utilities
  • Streamlined definition of excitation sources and port definitions
  • New composite arrays
  • New excitation source types (microstrip, CPW, coaxial) in EM.Tempo
  • Streamlined terrain surfaces of arbitrary profiles in EM.Terrano
  • New equation-based source definition (volume charges, volume currents, permanent magnets) in EM.Ferma


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